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Nutrition Education is the key to fueling our bodies, and our lives 

The diabetes rate in East New York and Starrett City is 18%, the highest percentage in the city.

Obesity and Diabetes 

Obesity can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. At 31%, the rate of obesity in East New York and Starrett City is almost four times the rate in Stuyvesant Town and Turtle Bay. 

Food Environment 

Bodegas are less likely to have healthy food options than supermarkets. The lowest ration amongst NYC community districts is one supermarket for every three bodegas (healthier); the highest is one supermarket for every 57 bodegas (less healthy).

It’s easy to make healthy choices when healthy, affordable food is available. East New York and Starrett City is home to five of NYC’s farmers markets, another source of healthy food. Nutrition education helps to make those better food and beverage choices. With that said, for many residents, an unhealthy diet is not a choice, but rather a consequence of food insecurity.

Dreams Achieved Nutrition Education Program seeks to help participants:

1. Understand food insecurity

2. Explore the health impacts of food insecurity

3. Highlight the practices to identify healthy food and food sources

4. Connect people and food


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