We are our ancestors wildest dreams come true.

Realizing your dream is the first step to achieving your dream.

Who We Are

Dreams Achieved is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides outreach resources to assist in addressing racial inequality, by closing the socioeconomic gap for the residents in the community. The work Dreams Achieved seeks to provide comes from a place of love and a passion to help those who need help most. The individuals associated with Dreams Achieved and who help shape the organization internally share that common thread.

The values of Dreams Achieved coincide with the mission and will always represent transparency, inclusivity, morality in all we do, and dedication.

We believe an organization of shared ideas and experiences fosters an atmosphere of progressive collaboration enabling Dreams Achieved to succeed in its mission.


Dreams Achieved was founded by Brian Godette. As Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, Brian seeks to help those in the community where he was born and raised. Brooklyn, East New York holds a special place in his heart and family ties to the community date back four generations.

Brian recognized the disadvantages plaguing the community and aspired to be a voice of change. In 2010, Brian joined the military conducting Public Affairs missions across the country and overseas. After serving several years he is a proud Army Veteran and utilized his skills from the military and academia to enter the corporate world in 2017, holding senior management positions with Fortune 100 companies. Brian holds a master’s degree in Communications and New Media Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. With the knowledge gained from those professional experiences and the desire to be an agent of change, Brian has set forth on a path to help his community.